Top Most Affordable Cars in the World

It is so hard to move without car and when it comes to driving a long trip, even if you find the most reliable means of transportation, you mobility will be same as like vehicle.

Having your own ride will be more enjoyable than anything else in the world.

And if it does not have to be too expensive, you could prefer choosing a car for rent as there are many options available in today’s economic world. Now you can rent a car with the cash and debit, without any hesitation of owning a car by spending lots of cash. Though if you wish to buy car that is most affordable then here are a few models that are best selling in 2013.

Here is a list of top cheapest cars in the world:

Tata Nano

Cost in USD: $3,056

It was invented by the Indian company, Tata Motors who are the leading manufacturers of the cheapest cars in the world. It is a rear wheel drive vehicle, which runs in a multi point fuel injection petrol engine having two cylinders.

Cherry QQ

Cost in USD - $4,781

This was made in China, and it has been since 2003. Named after the best Chinese brand in 2010, and it is a super mini version. The QQ is a five-door hatchback type car having five-speed auto transmission. It looks almost similar to Korean car which is called Daewoo Matiz.

Maruti Suzuki 800

Cost in USD - $4,994

It is again an Indian vehicle, made with 796cc of engine capacity. It comes with five door hatchback and it is known for its new emission standards that may be a bleak for its future. It was introduced in the mind 80s and has been sold to almost 3 million users.